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About This Typing Speed Test

Are you looking to put your typing skills to the test? Are you wondering how many words you type per minute?

If so, you’ve come to the right place!

Before you take this typing speed test, there a few thing you may want to know.

Why Do You Want to Type Faster?

You came on this site for a reason, right? So why exactly are you taking this typing test?

Is it because you simply want to find out how fast you can type?

Are you looking to improve your typing skills?

Maybe someone challenged you by saying that you couldn’t type as fast as they can. (Hey, it happens.)

Regardless of what your reasoning is, Typing Test ME provides a typing test that will help measure your results. You can take this test regardless of your age, professional background and your experience in typing. In addition, this test is also great if you’re looking to strengthen your computer essentials.

This typing test is for anyone, but it is a plus if:

-You are seeking a position as secretary, administrator, data entry specialist, or copywriter

-You are working in a fast-paced environment

-You have two hands, ten fingers and you like a challenge

If you can relate to ANY of the options above, fantastic! Because we’re going to tell you why you’ll enjoy typing on this site.

What You Need to Know about the Typing Test

This typing speed test in particular is like no other… and here’s why:

1) It measures your typing speed and accuracy

This typing speed test takes into account how fast your type, but it also takes into consideration the number of correct keystrokes you make. Regardless of your age or your reason is for taking this typing test, typing with accuracy is one of the most important skills to develop and improve on.

2) It takes only 60 seconds

Setting a time limit puts pressure on you to type faster. This helps put you in a position to type as much as possible so that we can give you the best results.

There are other tests out there that require you to type for 3 minutes. However, we’re giving you exactly 1 minute because we’re aware that your time is valuable… and we want you to be able to take this test anywhere anytime.

3) You can get an internationally recognised certificate

We’ve saved the best reason for last.

After you finish your 60-second typing test, not only will you find out your typing test speed, but you have the opportunity to receive an eTyping certificate for your typing efforts.

This Computer Typing certificate is accredited by a European Qualification framework, and can strengthen your resume, your LinkedIn profile or just give you a chance to brag to all your friends.

Remember, if you’re not happy with your typing test’s results, feel free to take this test again. Practice makes perfect!

So what are you waiting for? Take this free online typing test and get your results now.

Good luck!

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